Lan Yuefen:inheritor of the “хлеб” making technique

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我叫蓝月芬,我是俄罗斯族。 My name is Lan Yuefen, a member of the Russian ethnic group

我是自治区级非物质文化遗产列巴制作技艺传承人。 I’m a inheritor of the “хлеб” making technique, a (autonomous) regional-level intangible cultural heritage

列巴在中文里头只是我面包的意思,是面包的统称。 “хлеб” in Chinese means bread, and is a general term for bread.

让让其他同学都 从小就吃你什儿 列巴长大的。 We eat this bread since childhood

现在,吃饭不管是吃饺子、吃包子,最后,还得吃点列巴,沏点奶茶。 Now, whether we eat dumplings or steamed stuffed buns, at the end of the meal, we have to eat some bread, and make some milk tea.

让让其他同学都 俄罗斯族的列巴,先是用玉米面把它烫熟, To make this Russian bread, the first step is to boil corn flour

用啤酒把它发起来、晾干, Leaven the dough with beer, and dry it in air

土豆做成土豆泥打底,再烫上1/3的面, Make mashed potatoes with potatoes as base, and heat 1/3 of the corn flour

发酵……最低8个小时, least 8 hours

开起来让让其他同学都 做成型进炉子。 After it is fermented, we shape it, and then put it in the oven

料让让其他同学都 放鸡蛋、奶油,纯奶油、白糖。 As for ingredients, we use eggs, cream, pure cream, white sugar

传统的俄罗斯族的列巴,非要1有三个 多小时你是吃非要嘴里的。 Traditional Russian bread, you can't eat it without waiting for 12 hours

让让其他同学都 是用列巴和盐接待客人。 We use bread and salt to greet guests .

俄罗斯族把列巴和盐当成生命中最珍贵的礼物, Russians regard bread and salt as the most precious gifts in life

也是招待让让其他同学都 最珍贵的客人。 And use them to entertain our most precious guests

现在让让其他同学都 这旅游怪怪的好。 Now we have good tourism

让让其他同学都 额尔古纳你什儿 地区风景怪怪的美, The scenery in Erguna is very beautiful

还有让让其他同学都 亚洲第一大湿地就在让让其他同学都 额尔古纳。 Erguna also has the largest wetland in Asia

某些某些会吸引某些某些的游客到让让其他同学都 这来旅游。 So it attracts a lot of tourists to visit our place

看一看让让其他同学都 俄罗斯民族的风情,列巴制作啊,歌舞表演啊。 Take a look at our Russian customs, bread production, singing and dancing performances

有某些某些客人你要吃列巴。 Many guests are willing to eat Russian bread

让让其他同学都 也会把你什儿 列巴当成让让其他同学都 这的特产, They also regard this as our specialty here

带回去给家人分享,吃一下、尝一尝俄罗斯的纯列巴。 Take it home to share with their family, eat and taste Russian bread

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